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Meet, the DevOps platform harmonising your devex
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Meet, the DevOps platform harmonising your development experience
1st February, 2024
5 min read product overview image
1st February, 2024
5 min read

The GM and Co-Founder of introduces, shares our story so far, and explains how our DevOps platform can empower development teams with a next-level software delivery experience.

We are thrilled to launch, a DevOps platform empowering development teams with a next-level delivery experience.
Our journey began two years ago when I worked in professional services at Adaptavist. The team and I kept coming across the same problems - companies that struggled with DevOps and delivering value to their customers. It meant that customers had to spend time rebuilding how they were deploying, rebuilding automation, and rethinking their relationship with the cloud.
So, we started from within Adaptavist, thinking about DevOps as a service and a white glove delivery platform we could build and customise. Finding a way to distil our years of experience and developed content into ready-to-serve solutions available at the click of a button.
We talked with Simon (Haighton-Williams, CEO, The Adaptavist Group) about creating a new DevOps solution and got the ball rolling earlier this year. Since then, we’ve introduced at an Atlassian event earlier this year. And now we’re online and ready to rock!

What we do tackles many of the frustrations we were seeing within DevOps. It streamlines the development process by handling your tooling, onboarding teams to specific toolchains and providing updates when new tool updates or developer dependencies are available. Additionally, the platform offers push-button pull requests to automatically update your code with curated changes from upstream.
Essentially, it removes the complexity of the DevOps process, making things easier for the developer.
A big part of is observability. Anyone can go into the portal and get a clear view of what all teams are doing. You can access the built-in tools needed to automate and a catalogue to select what tools you want to use to develop and deploy software. We empower developers with tools with a heavy focus on team collaboration and user experience.
Backstage sits behind the scenes of and provides a place for dev teams to start work and maintain and monitor that work. It takes care of the parts that normally a company would have to do on their own - tooling, deploying, automation, scripting, and CI/CD pipelines - so that these components fade into the background. All you need is to sign up, and you will have everything you need at your fingertips.
You can start integrating, customising, and using the tools you want to use within our platform.

Built to adapt

The Venue team bring a wealth of combined knowledge and experience. We’ve listened to our collective clients' struggles, which has been the driving force behind what we’ve created. It was from this environment that was born.
We’ve designed the platform to be adaptable. It’s important because we want to offer our clients that flexibility - no two clients are the same. While we will supply a slew of best practices and frameworks to code within, those remain nicely automated guidelines, not a forced march. It’s why feedback and conversations are vital to what we do. is growing, as are our communication platforms. But for now, you can follow us, get in touch on LinkedIn, or email us at

Why we’re different

Our platform is more than just a neat UI. We’re hyper-focused on the overall development experience. We set out to create a highly intuitive product that can take the user through a workflow from ideation to live code in production. The platform is intuitive enough that you don’t need to use instructions; you automatically know where to click and where to go without figuring it out.
Along with building an intuitive platform, we’ve fostered a strong user adoption experience. The platform has always prioritised facilitating fast, easy user onboarding, whether we’re dealing with small or large teams. It means we can maintain flexibility and help a wide range of customers, from start-ups to enterprises.

Thanks for your support

A big thanks to everyone who has supported us with our mission so far. As a team, we’re incredibly excited about where will take us in software delivery innovation. We look forward to building deeper relationships with our clients, colleagues, and partners in the years ahead.
Mike Maheu
GM and Co-Founder

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