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Simplify DevOps with Innovative Tool Catalog
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10th July, 2024
5 min read Workplace Dashboard
10th July, 2024
5 min read announces the launch of its DevOps platform, a tool catalog that empowers engineering teams to streamline their development and delivery processes., part of The Adaptavist Group, announces the launch of its DevOps platform, a tool catalog that empowers engineering teams to streamline their development and delivery processes, shifting their focus to what really matters.
Unlike traditional code repositories, aims to scale into a full platform orchestrator that will provide standardization, collaboration tools, metrics, and cost optimization in one user-friendly solution that can be used across all cloud development environments.
The first of those features available at launch includes an Internal Tool Catalog where developer teams can view all of their code repositories and projects, providing insights about the project itself and the developers contributing to it.
The platform is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized enterprises struggling with app deployment, and larger organizations seeking to streamline their development processes.
“With we’ve created a platform for development teams that enhances their productivity and enables them to ship code faster, we’re giving engineers their time back, allowing them to collaborate more effectively and deliver better results faster," said Mike Maheu, Co-founder and GM at “Just like a live music event, finding the right venue is pivotal to its success, the ideal venue sets the tone for the entire experience and can make or break an event.”
Additional features include:
  • Plugin Manager: Through the use of plugins, teams can customize their platform to work for them
  • Sliding Permissions: Users can organize projects, teams, and environments with granular permissions
  • Connection Manager: Centralized access to all developer resources and services has seen adoption across a diverse range of industries. Customer testimonials from sectors spanning energy solutions to digital entertainment underscore the platform's versatility and its impact on their software development and collaboration practices:
Rick Meeker, CEO at Nhu Energy, a company specializing in clean-energy microgrids and technology solutions for energy, defense, and manufacturing industries, said, "With their expertise in technology services and their DevOps platform, we're excited to work with the team to help us enable a more flexible, connected and intelligent future for energy, defense and manufacturing solutions.'s collaborative platform aligns perfectly with our mission to develop and deliver innovative clean-energy solutions, allowing us to streamline our development processes and bring our microgrid technologies to market more efficiently."
In the music and entertainment sector, Lambgoat is a leading hardcore and metal music webzine that has expanded into building complex online properties for bands and music organizations. Their team have been leveraging to enhance their digital offerings. "Lambgoat's goal is to develop and publish creative and innovative infrastructure to ensure our clients are represented with modern websites and communication channels," said Dylan Tarre, chief operating officer with Lambgoat. "With, our team no longer spends time on cross-app and cross-team synchronization issues. We are able to build and collaborate on complex software using a single platform, giving us a time-to-market advantage in creating cutting-edge websites and digital experiences for today's music fans."
For the launch, has partnered with Daytona, a leading provider of open-source Development Environment Manager solutions. This collaboration will see Daytona's powerful Cloud solution available as a plugin within the ecosystem.
Ivan Burazin, Founder and CEO of Daytona said "Our partnership with marks a significant advancement in creating a more comprehensive and unified ecosystem for developers. Daytona simplifies development environments for both individual developers and enterprises, addressing a critical need in the industry where developers spend up to 56% of their productive time on environment-related tasks. By integrating Daytona's environment management with Venue's platform, we're dramatically streamlining development processes and providing engineers with a seamless toolchain."
Since its inception into The Adaptavist Group in February 2023, has quickly established itself as a promising addition to the company's portfolio of innovative technology solutions. The Adaptavist Group, with over 1,100 team members serving 23,000+ customers worldwide, continues to demonstrate its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.
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